About Us

2010-2014: The Birth of Caring

AlloHIO Health Insurance was founded by a group of physicians and health insurance experts with a common desire to create a practice where patient care is a core principle. During this period we built the foundations of our philosophy - a combination of professionalism and humanity.

2015-2019: Development and Strengthening of the Team

Every year our team has grown, attracting doctors, specialists and medical experts with various areas of competence. We expanded our services by focusing on long-term relationships with our patients.

2020-Present: Innovation and Health Care

AlloHIO Health Insurance is actively introducing innovations in the field of mammology, providing high-tech diagnostic and treatment methods. We strive to provide not only effective health care services, but also provide insurance that covers various aspects of health care.



Dr. Anna Steiner

Chief Mammologist

Dr. Steiner has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. Her depth of knowledge and caring approach make her a valuable member of our team.

Dr. Carla Schmidt

Medical Insurance Consultant

Dr. Schmidt is our health insurance specialist. She helps patients navigate complex insurance issues and choose the best options.

Maria Fischer

Nurse Coordinator

Maria is responsible for coordinating medical processes and providing patients with all the necessary information. Her caring approach brings confidence to our patients.

Our mission

At AlloHIO Health Insurance, we strive to create an integrated health care system by providing outstanding healthcare services and effective insurance coverage.

We are constantly evolving, introducing new technologies and treatments to provide our patients with the best opportunities to maintain and improve their health.

At AlloHIO Health Insurance, we take pride in what we do and our mission is to be a trusted partner in your health care.